Blue/Green Deployment For Your Web Apps

Do you want to know how you can apply Blue/Green deployment to your Ruby on Rails, Django, or NodeJS apps and make them backward compatible to your database schema changes? It is possible. We decided to write this article due to a lot of questions people ask about the deployment and release process and how to improve it. No single solution fits all. It depends on what you would like your release process to be, on your organization’s maturity and readiness to use Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Delivery or Continuous Deployment (CD).

How we built a Serverless ETL data integration from NetSuite to Salesforce

Here is an a-ha moment in building serverless, cost-effective NetSuite and Salesforce data integration. We will tell you how we built a solution and saved more than $6,000 annually for one of our customers. Serverless computing is becoming a thing these days, and many companies have already adopted this approach to build their products and tools. You can see how we created serverless integration to integrate data for one of our customers.

CRM App Development To Streamline Enrollment Process

These days there are an abundance of general-purpose tools, platforms, and apps that help us to organize our business processes. That being said, we still see many opportunities to improve, create, integrate and innovate through custom-built solutions. Look at the case of a unique project that we built for one of our customers in 2014, another Konstankino success story. The impactful project, envisioned by our Founder, improved upon PDF forms processing for the Montessori School of Central Vermont.

2019 ReactJS Best Practices & Design Patterns

For the past five years, ReactJS has been rapidly increasing in its popularity and by the beginning of 2018 it became more popular than jQuery, at least in terms of Google searches. We will not be comparing tools in terms of their demand in the search engines; however, that gives us a clear understanding that the ReactJS library is definitely popular. With that being said, let’s talk about using ReactJS to create better Front-End apps.

Case Study: How we rebranded a logo for our School Parents Portal App

I am excited to share my story and a case study. This story is about how the new logo for our School Parents Portal (SPP) App was born. For those of you who does not know, School Parents Portal is a product by Konstankino that helps schools streamline their work with Enrollment forms. I was tasked to refresh an existing logo that was as simple as possible, a text logo. I was excited to create the best logo that I could come up with at that time.

Case Study: ETL System For Kryterion-Salesforce Integration

In this article, we are going to share our experience working on a product solution for one of our customers, a corporation from Silicon Valley. We were privileged to work on an Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) system which represents a Bridge between multiple APIs. In this article, we are going to tell you our story and highlight the issues you may face while developing a similar integration. Our goal was to create a product that would join data from Kryterion to CRM Salesforce (SFDC), and it needed to be completely secure and reliable.

RabbitMQ for Inter-Process Communications.

Often, the solution to some particular issue we have involves the use of scripts. This can be one or a few scripts organized with a specific structure and a specific design. Most likely you will need to have an intercommunication mechanism for your scripts to work. We call it Inter-Process Communication or IPC for short. In general, it’s common for applications to be implemented as a combination of particular components working together by sending and intercepting messages since it allows components of your App to be independently changed without amending other components, as well as decoupling logic.

My Journey To Programming

I guess everything started from the moment when my father first told me about computers. While still in his early thirties, he graduated from the Kharkiv Institute of Radioelectronics. He is just like me, the same way: passionate. I remember when he told stories about huge computers and rooms of equipment that were used to make simple calculations. I loved that time. I remember when I drew an imaginary keyboard on the piece of cardboard and pretended to be typing some text for a program and executing it.

Amazon Web Services Cloud Formation template for your VPC. Explained.

In this article we will clarify how to use AWS Cloud Formation (CF) templates in forming your Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and its network, including private and public subnets, internet gateways, routes, security groups, network access control lists, etc. There are a lot of good articles written explaining about best practices and how to build your VPC. But if you want to use AWS Cloud Formation templates for your VPC then pay attention.

Serverless Architectures

Many companies have adopted cloud services to run applications in an effort to reduce or remove server management overhead. You may have already heard of form of cloud computing called Functions-as-a-service, or (FaaS), which provides clients a way to access serverless computing resources without having to build all the infrastructure normally required to develop and run software. Analyst estimates suggest that around 85 percent of servers are underutilized, implying a great deal of wasted computing capacity.