Case Study: How we rebranded a logo for our School Parents Portal App

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I am excited to share my story and a case study. This story is about how the new logo for our School Parents Portal (SPP) App was born. For those of you who does not know, School Parents Portal is a product by Konstankino that helps schools streamline their work with Enrollment forms.

I was tasked to refresh an existing logo that was as simple as possible, a text logo. I was excited to create the best logo that I could come up with at that time. I believe in this product since our dear users already value it. I have got inspired and questioned.

So many questions got into my mind: what that should be, how that should look and what would people remember. So I started reviewing some exciting projects online, began to collect and analyze. The analysis is such an essential part of any creative work, before, during and after implementation, since we must be sure that the logo will be unique. It also must be positive, engaging, associated with children, parents, and care as well as shed the love.

There is a playground near the place where I work, where parents and children spent time playing together. Most of the time you see so much love and care between parents and children. I love staring into the window when someone gives hugs to her child, smiling to each other.

The idea was born. Just as simple as that. I have had imagined the logo and how it should look. The love and care to a child expressed via hugs. You feel that your parents love you and someone cares about you.

Next step, I have drawn a few sketches. Some of them you can see below on the screenshot.

Image alt

So finally I have decided to create a logo in the shape of a heart, where a more significant part of it hugs another smaller part. Once I came up with a conceptual idea, I came with a colors schema. The colors are bright and associate with happiness. Here is a logo before and after.

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I enjoyed working on this exciting task as it has meaning and currently in use by our School Parents Portal App