CRM App Development To Streamline Enrollment Process

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These days there are an abundance of general-purpose tools, platforms, and apps that help us to organize our business processes. That being said, we still see many opportunities to improve, create, integrate and innovate through custom-built solutions.

Look at the case of a unique project that we built for one of our customers in 2014, another Konstankino success story. The impactful project, envisioned by our Founder, improved upon PDF forms processing for the Montessori School of Central Vermont.


Here is how the App looks on the phone

Back in 2014, the school did not have solid automation tools to simplify and streamline their enrollment process, customers, and data management. Bogdan’s son, Konstantin, was attending that school, so the solution came up naturally in conversations with the school’s management.


Here is how the App looks on the tablet

Based on various interviews, we were able to create a proposal and a quick prototype that were a perfect match to the school’s needs. Because each Montessori school has a unique enrollment process workflow, we were able to develop an app that perfectly matches school needs and enabled the school personnel to work with the app efficiently, securely and pleasantly. Once the prototype was approved, we created a production-grade CRM platform and helped the school to import all their data into a new structure.


Here is how the App looks on the laptop or desktop

Enrolled families also felt a positive impact when we launched the app into production. We adapted it for various devices and made the system truly platform-agnostic. It works perfectly well on phones, tablets, or laptops. If desktop computers, i.e., big boxes with separate monitors and keyboards, still exist when you read this article, rest assured that our app will work just fine on them, too.

Here is a feedback from Kristen Martin, the School Principal:

Konstankino has been an invaluable resource in the development an application of our online Parent Portal. Based on various interviews and review of paper forms needed for enrollment, Bogdan designed and developed a portal whereby all of our paper systems were eliminated. Parents of children who have attended our program for many years appreciate the ease of the system, as well as the efficiency and availability of information/required forms. Bogdan provided technical support during the initial launch, as well as welcoming any feedback or improvements that needed to be made after the portal was in use.

The app is still in use by the school, helping to streamline and improve enrollment processes and eliminate paperwork hassles. Over the past 5 years, we have added quite a few improvements and additions to it since it was originally launched.

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